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Viewing Hints:

The PDF versions of these publications may be best viewed with Adobe's Reader. Adobe is the originator of the PDF format, so they are the standard bearer. There are various PDF viewer programs and apps that may or may not do as well in showing these publications.

If you are using Adobe Reader version 9, the current version on pc computers as of this writing, then the following two hints may be helpful.

1. By default A.K. Aruna PDF works have Bookmarks that act as onscreen Table of Contents on the left side of the Reader screen. If it is not seen when you open the document it can be seen by clicking F4 function key to open the Navigation Panel then selecting the Bookmark image in that panel, or by menu under View - Navigation Panels - Bookmarks.
The F4 function key will then toggle this Navigation Panel on/off to allow the text a wider viewing window.
2. If you wish to be able to resume your reading of any PDF where you last left off, there is a setting that allows this. The setting applies to your Adobe Reader; it is not limited to just this one PDF in which you are changing the setting. Here are the menu selections for setting up this non-default behavior:
Edit - Preferences - Categories: Documents - Open Settings - check Restore last view settings when reopening documents.
Click Ok to save this setting.

How to install PDF in iPad:

Michel purchased my PDFs and send me these instructions for getting them into iPad.

1) From your computer, send to yourself an e-mail with, as attachment, the PDF book you want.
2) Open your iPad, and open your mail.
3) Open the e-mail you sent to yourself that has the PDF document.
4) Open your PDF document from your e-mail.
5) Automatically, a menu will show up and there will be an option that will say something like: save this PDF document in your iPad. Choose that option.
6) Go to the application iBooks, open it and in the PDF section, you'll see your PDF document ready to be read.

Thank you, Michel.

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