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Thank you for your interest in our books. Upasana Yoga does not itself wholesale or retail our books.

Currently, we are only using the Print-On-Demand (POD) model to print and distribute these books through other companies. This means that Upasana Yoga itself does not pre-print, store in a warehouse, and fulfill individual orders from this stock, either as retail or wholesale.

If anyone—customer, group, or reseller—wishes copies of these books, they need to order from any of the various distributers linked to our POD suppliers. If 1 book is ordered, that 1 book is printed and shipped; if 100 books are ordered, those 100 books are printed and shipped. Some of the distributers may keep a small stock of the books on hand to fulfill daily orders, then periodically resupply from the POD suppliers.

The POD model allows printers and distributers to ply their expertise, and allows us as author, editor, designer, and promoter to ply ours. We at Upasana Yoga are definitely not any good at maintaining a warehouse, or processing and packing orders.

Upasana Yoga currently has two suppliers.

In India: is our only POD supplier in India., based out of Bangalore, is an internet only business (not a brick and mortar shop). Available at, they contract out the individual print and order fulfillments to various local companies throughout India. We have not priced our books high enough for Pothi to distribute through their discount channels, so Pothi directly acts as the distributor to fulfill the orders for A.K. Aruna's books. We have limited the distribution of our Pothi supplied books to only India addresses. If you are outside India and want to order from Pothi, you need to write and request Pothi to deliver your order. They will contact us to individually allow the out-of-India delivery, and we will acknowledge and agree. We currently accommodate all these requests because many of our books are not yet set up on any other POD supplier than Pothi. There is no packaging and handling fee, so there is no large discount for large orders. Pothi generally uses courier services to deliver books and the couriers discount slightly for higher weights, so this is the only discount for volume purchases. This makes wholesaling in India not cost effective. See the Publications menu on for links where these books and their eBook versions can be retail ordered.

Lightning Source (a division of Ingram Books) is our world-wide POD supplier. They distribute primarily through and Barnes & Noble, as well as a few other distributers. The distribution is world-wide. Being listed in Barnes and Noble, the books can be purchased from many other brick and mortar stores by special order. See the Publications menu on for links where these books and their eBook versions can be ordered. Because Lightning Source discounts sufficiently, wholesaling is possible to USA and Canada addresses--international shipping costs elsewhere for individual orders are prohibitively high. To investigate this, in the Contact Us form leave a message for AK Aruna Publication Inquiry. See the Publications menu on for links where these books and their eBook versions can be retail ordered.

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