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Free Vedanta Documents added by A.K. Aruna

These are Vedanta Texts plus Sanskrit Reference Texts with their original Sanskrit that help reveal what everyone wants to know about themselves. They are for your studies and may be freely distributed. These are text based documents in a Devanagari font that can be copy pasted from the browser or edited in a word processor, if you install the freely available font.

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I have started adding several Vedanta documents in HTML that run in browsers. These are the original texts in Devanagari with their vocabulary in transliteration, and Sanskrit anvaya (prose order) for verses.

UNIQUE: Words are separated by hyphens and virāmas, without breaking sandhi -- pronunciation morphology. This helps as a better pronunciation guide, and as a visual word meaning guide.

Many of these documents are accompanied with their Sanskrit commentary. These documents are HTML files. They are not scanned in documents. Therefore, you may right-click and save them onto your computer and have free access to these original documents for your own editing purposes. Most of these documents hide the vocabulary and anvaya, these can be seen by enabling Show Hidden Characters in your word processor. The Devanagari font now used is called Siddhanta, a freely distributed font on the internet.

Recently released:

Jun 2018
==> The Jun 2018 version has finally adding the quotation links to Brhadaranyaka Upanisad and to Brahma Sutras. So now all ten of the Upanisads have links to each other as well as the Sutras that coordinate their teaching. Small fixes to four other texts have also been made.
May 2018
==> The May 2018 version has added the Grammar Keys for all the 18 chapters of the Bhagavad Gita. Also finishes the Sanskrit Tutor by also adding sound clips to the introduction of the Alphabet chapter for learning the sounds of the alphabet and syllables in Devanagari. The updated Sanskirt Tutor requires the added sound files in the updated AKAruna-Chants-May2018.zip on the download page.
Apr 2018
==> The April 2018 version has revamped the format to also fit small screens such as cell phones. Now with the addition of Sanskrit Grammar text and a Devanagari reading tutor with click & hear features. Have also added Grammar Keys to the verses of the Bhagavad Gita, starting with Chapter 2 and by June will add the Keys to all 18 chapters.
Jan 2018
==> The January 2018 version cleans up and does further standarization of these texts. Apte's English to Sanskrit Dictionary has been added. which I find useful to get Sanskrit synonyms having the same English meaning. The highlighting of words of the mantras and verses in the Bhāṣyas now includes all the ten major Upaniṣads, except the BṛhadAraṇyaka which will be completed later in 2018. For English readers, AK Aruna's Bhagavad Gita Translation with text and chapter introductions, plus AK Aruna's Patanjali Yoga Sutras - Translation and Commentary in the Light of Vedanta Scriptures have both been added. These two present a thorough and complete presentation of Yoga in regard to the teachings of Vedanta. The Yoga Sutras text is particularly unique in that it is the first of its kind to explicitly connect these sutras to Vedanta scripture.
Mar 2017
==> The March 2017 version makes a small correction to the Bhagavad Gita with Bhāṣya and the Macdonell Sanskrit Dictionary, the Māndukya Upaniṣad with Kārika now has the words of the mantras and verses highlighted in the Bhāṣya, plus the index to Bhagavad Gita Sanskrit Dictionary has been expanded for more quickly finding words.
Feb 2017
==> The February 2017 version culminates a milestone upgrade and addition for these Vedanta Sanskrit Texts since the per-2017 versions. They now are fully converted to the International Unicode Devanagari font, so they will display for many more devices that cannot install the previous ArshaNet proprietary font. Added to the 6 Prayer texts, the Bhagavad Gita, 6 Introductory texts, and Yoga Sutras are now all ten Upanishads with Bhashya commentary by Adi Shankara. The Bhagavad Gita Bhashya is now complete through all 18 chapters. The Brahma Sutras with Adi Shankara Bhashya has been added. Finally, Three Sanskrit dictionaries have also been added: Aruna's Bhagavad Gita Dictionary and Macdonell's Sanskrit Language Dictionary, both Sanskrit to English; plus the six volume Sanskrit to Sanskrit Vacaspatyam Dictionary by Taranatha-Tarkavacaspati-Bhattacarya.


If the reader does not have the Siddhanta.ttf Unicode Devanagari font (or a good equivalent) installed on their computer, the web font variants auto load from UpasanaYoga. This seems to work for many device platforms, including Windows, Mac, iPad, Android, and perhaps others as well. But they only would work if online and selecting the document from UpasanaYoga.org. If downloaded, the Siddhanta font needs to be installed also.

There may also be issues displaying the transliteration diacritical marks if the device does not have Times New Roman, and substitutes a poor alternative. Some of the most popular fonts do an adequate job of displaying the diacritical marks in the Unicode 300-36F range. Many other fonts pay no attention to how these marks properly overlay their base character.

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