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Medhā Sūkta

English translation by A.K. Aruna

Format by A.K. Aruna, 2017 ver.4.0: UpasanaYoga. If downloaded, requires installed Devanāgarī Siddhanta1.ttf font, downloadable from UpasanaYoga. If run from UpasanaYoga website, it alternatively can use online Web Font.
Medhā Sūktam appears in Taittirīya Āraṇyakam 4.10.41 to 44. Text and svara markings are per Mantrapushpam published by Ramakrishna Math.

by A.K. Aruna
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Here chanted slowly by Narasimha Bhatta (net access to YouTube required):
Medhā Sūktam chanting from net
or from my pc: Narasimha Bhatta chanting

This chanting starts after the following prayer.

Kṛṣṇa-Yajur-Veda prayer

Om; yad, chandas, ṛṣabha, viśva-rūpa. Chandas, adhi, a-mṛta, sam-√bhū. Tad, asmad, indra, medhā, √spṛ. A-mṛta, deva, dhāraṇa, √bhū. Śarīra, asmad, vicarṣana. Jihvā, asmad, madhumattamā, karṇa, bhūri, vi-√śru. Brahman, kośa, √as, medhā, pihita. Śruta, asmad, √gup. Om, śānti, śānti, śānti.

(TaitU.1.4.1) Om. That which is prominent amongst all Veda mantras (Chandas) and is all forms (namely, Om-kara, ManU.1), and which manifests from the perennially eternal Vedas (which comes with every manifestation cycle of the universe), may that (Om) as Indra (the Lord of the indriyas, of the senses) bless me with intelligence (medhā, retention of what is known). O Lord, may I become the upholder of the eternal (Vedas). May my body be active (in this pursuit of knowledge). May my tongue be most sweet (with pleasing truth). With my ears may I listen more (to the teaching). You (Om) are the locus (kośa) of brahman, (seemingly) veiled in the intellect (medhā). May You protect what I have heard. May You be (Śrī) the one who brings prosperity (in this way).
Om, Peace. Peace, Peace (within, around, and heavenly).


om, medhā-devī, juṣamāṇā, asmad, ā-√gā, viśva-añcī, badrā, sumanasyamānā.
yuśmad, juśta, nudamāna, dus-ukta, brahat, √vad, vid-atha, su-vīra.
yuṣmad, juṣta, ṛṣi, √bhū, devī, yuṣmad, brahman, āgata-śrī, uta, yuṣmad.
yuṣmad, juṣṭa, cittra, √vid, vasu, tad, yuṣmad, √juṣ, draviṇa (-ṇona 3/1 Vedic?), medhā.

Om, Goddess Medhā (Divine Memory and Intelligence), the All-pervading, Auspcious, and Gracious, being pleased has approached (i.e., may She approach) us. By You being pleased, dispelling (our) wrong speech, may we speak mightily in the knowledge assembly as heroes. By You being pleased, one becomes a ṛṣi (sage), by You one becomes learned, and by You a Brāhmaṇa gains śrī (wealth and good fortune). By You being pleased, one gains various kinds of wealth. O Medhā, May You be one who is pleased towards us with wealth.
medhā, asmad, indra, √dā, medhā, devī, sarasvatī.
medhā, asmad, aśvin, ubhaya, ā-√dhā, puṣkara-srajā.
ap-sarā, ca, yad, medhā, gandharva, ca, yad, manas.
daivī, medhā, sarasvatī, tad, asmad, medhā, sura, √juṣ, sv-āhā.

May Lord Indra and Goddess Sarasvatī grant me wisdom. May both the Aśvins also grant this to me the same (skillful) mind that is in the celestial dancers and musicians. Goddess Medhā is indeed Sarasvatī (the Goddess of Learning and Arts) . May that Medhā be pleasant with Her nectars (gifts of knowledge and skills).
Svāhā (‘With these good words,’ this is my offering to You).
ā-asmad, medhā, sura, viśva-rūpā, hiraṇya-varṇā, jagatī, jagamyā.
ūrjasvatī, payas, pinvamānā, tad, asmad, medhā, su-pratīkā, √juṣ.

Unto me may Goddess Medhā with her nectars, shinning as all things, be present here as the universe. Full of vigor and overflowing with Her milk, may that Goddess Medhā with pleasing continence be pleasant to me.
asmad, medhā, asmad, prajā, asmad, agni, tejas, √dhā;
asmad, medhā, asmad, prajā, asmad, indra, indriya, √dhā;
asmad, medhā, asmad, prajā, asmad, sūrya, bhrāj, √dhā.
om, śānti, śānti, śānti.

Please grant wisdom in me, and brilliant fire (speech and health) in me.
Grant wisdom in me and progeny (or students) to me; and as Indra grant (His) vigor in me.
Grant wisdom in me and progeny (or students) to me; and as Lord Sūrya (Sun) grant (His) many brilliances in me.
Om, Peace (within, ādhyātmamika, myself). Peace (around, ādhi-bhautika, in the environment), Peace (heavenly, ādhi-daivika, in the unmanifest karma order).

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॥इति मेधा-सूक्तं समाप्तम्॥