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These are Vedānta texts plus a method for learning the Sanskrit language via the Bhagavad Gītā. The texts are in their original Sanskrit. They are for your studies and may be freely distributed. These are text based documents in a Devanāgari font that can be copy pasted from the browser, or saved-as into a text file. View online to see what the download version would look like.

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Below is the link for simply viewing all the Sanskrit documents online.

Online Viewing

Download for Offline Viewing

Below are the links for downloading the three zipped files which contain all the documents. Once downloaded, they may be unpacked to run locally on your computer, Mac or PC. Due to the nature of running html files locally using JQuery controls, other devices, such as Android, etc., are likely either incompatible or require expert installation tricks. Certain new browsers, such as MS Edge, lock down local file access so the JQuery may not work unless online, but also the local dictionary files, chants, and ClickIt sound files may not work in such browsers. It seems MicroSoft wants their browser to trust the World-wide Web more than your own computer, which is a doubtful assumption to be kind IMO.

These contain the Advaita Vedānta Texts and Sanskrit Grammar and Dictionaries in their original Sanskrit. The lovely and complete Siddhanta Devanagari font is also included in the Core Documents in a font folder. These Vedānta texts are still a work in process as there will be more texts added and some that will need further work and corrections. These offerings are for your studies and may be freely distributed. I have applied the Creative Commons International License to these texts under Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0. This license states the terms for copying, modifying, and distributing of these texts here.

If technically challenged in how to unpack several ZIP files into ONE directory, select this All-In-One ZIP, which includes the combined content of Core Docs, Dictionaries, and Chants – instead of the below first three ZIPs. Once unpacked into your directory folder, select either AKA-Index.htm or _Start.htm and run in your favorite browser. Bookmark it in your browser to quickly restart later.
Also, from time to time, some Browsers display these large .html files faster than others. Currently (2022) Firefox is the fastest, while Chrome was previously the fastest; but even Edge is starting to overtake Chrome - who'd have thunk!

(307MB download ! - As of Feb 2023, updated from Dec 2022).


First zipped file contains the bulk of the texts and the core application. Once unpacked into your directory folder, select either AKA-Index.htm or _Start.htm and run in your favorite browser. Bookmark it in your browser to quickly restart later.

Core Docs
(10MB download - As of Feb 2023, updated from Dec 2022)
Now includes Devanagari-English version of Sankara Bhāṣyams for eight Upaniṣads, Bhagavad Gītā, and Brahma Sūtras.

Second zipped file contains four Dictionaries.

(19MB download - As of Jul 2022, updated from May 2022)
Four dictionaries: two Sanskrit to English, plus English to Sanskrit and Sanskrit to Sanskrit. The new dictionary is the large Monier-Williams English to Sanskrit Dictionary.

Third zipped file contains the chants of the three prayers in the Taittiria Upanisad, and also includes the required sound files for the Sanskrit Tutor with Read It, Click It, Hear It! (now includes Bonus BG Chapter 15)

(285MB download - as of May 2021, updated from Mar 2020)

(7MB download - as of May 2021, updated from Mar 2020)
Just Adds chanting files for Sanskirt Tutor Bonus section with Bhagavad Gita Chapter 15, and updates to May 2021 the Sanskrit Tutor to play these Bonus chants.


Fourth zipped file contains useful PDFs.

(548MB download - As of Sep 2020)
Several useful PDFs: 112 Upanisads with English translations, Dasa-Upanisad-Nighantu, and Sanskrit Grammer Dictionary.

Get Font

Most devices have a system font that can display Devanāgari characters. However, some devices may not have such a font, or the font is missing some characters or are poorly formed. This is especially true for the Vedic accent characters used in some of these documents.

Because of this, the Siddhanta font is provided in the download under a "font" folder. Just find it and double-click it and it should install. This only works on devices that allow new fonts such as a PC or Mac.

If you cannot find the "font" folder, then the link to the font (Siddhanta.ttf) from the author is below. Use his siddhanta-vyakarana.ttf (which installs as "siddhanta" in Windows) to show the Rig Veda accent characters fully.

In case the above address changes in the future, you may download the free font from Upasana Yoga below.

Get Devanāgari Typing System

There are many systems to help type Devanāgari font on a computer. The two tools I use are a keyboarding platform by Keyman and a keyboard mapper (from transliteration to Devanāgari) by Heidelberg. The links are here. They both work together and are currently free and open source.

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